Return of products or money

If you are, for any reason dissatisfied with our products, please read the following rules.

If the products being returned defective or error on the product created during production, we will offer you a replacement product or return your money. If a refund relates to the replacement of size, color, volume or similar product value, we will offer you a replacement product. Please, before the return of products, check the manufacturer's web site, errors or defects that do not recognize the right of return of products.

1.The deadline to return goods

Americanshop respects your right to a refund if the request is submitted within 60 days of purchase or receipt of products through shipping.

2. Refunds for products purchased in retail stores

For products purchased in retail stores it is enough to you come personally in any of our retailers, with the product that you are not satisfied with the original invoice. It is not possible to replace the product if you do not have the original receipt. If you are eligible for a refund, and you want a refund and you paid with a bank card, within 24 hours, we will deposit the required amount to your bank account.

3. Refunds for purchases through Internet shop

Products paid on delivery:

  • Inform us about the return of the product (see contact details) 
  • Based on your information, we will check whether you are entitled to a refund or replacement of products 
  • Upon approval, please send products that you are not satisfied, to our address in Zagreb, Croatia. 
  • Please, in the pack for the return of the product put the corresponding bill of purchase, with the message, in which you state the reasons for product returns
  • Sending package for a refund or exchange, please send ONLY by regular mail (Croatian Post Office for Croatia, and adequate offices of the same category for other countries), all other methods of sending will be subsequently billed to the sender
  • Upon the arrival of your package, we inspect products, and finally approve or does not approve your right to a refund 
  • If you want a replacement product, please review the section 4 of this text. 
  • If you want a refund, please send us your bank account number

Products paid via Internet banking or credit cards:

  • Log on to your profile 
  • Select the number of orders where it is product that you want to return 
  • Select the link "DETAIL" for this order 
  • Look at the list and select product that you want to return 
  • Click on the link: "MAKE A RMA SLIP" 
  • In the comment field, specify the reason for the return of products 
  • Click "Submit" 
  • Wait for approval of product return (maximum 2-3 days) 
  • Submit a product you are not satisfied, to our address in Zagreb, Croatia. 
  • Please put inside the package corresponding bill of purchase 
  • Upon the arrival of your package, we will inspect a product, and finally approve or does not approve your right to a refund 
  • If you want a replacement product and return of the product is approved, a replacement product will send you without additional shipping cost 
  • Refund to your bank account, you get only through RMA SLIP*

*For products that have been paid: payment slip, via Internet banking or bank cards can not be legally valid and legally refund the money to your bank account if you have not submitted the RMA SLIP.

4. Payment of shipping and handling costs of product returns

  • Additional costs incurred retransmission depend on the justification of the return, and after a detailed inspection of products 
  • The cost of delivery of the package, with products for a refund, and which was approved right to a refund will pay TACTICAL SHOP Ltd. 
  • The cost of delivery of the package, which was not approved the right to a refund, customer will pay 
  • The cost of delivery expenses for replacement products that are technically correct, but the customer wants a replacement on the basis of their own wrong selection, customer will pay 
  • Package with products which was not approved right to a refund, they will send it back to the customer, and the price will be increased by the expenses caused by the unwarranted reclamation.
  • TACTICAL SHOP Ltd., is not guilty for the extra costs, it is not obliged to return the money and is not responsible under any items of the Consumer Act (Narodne novine No. 79/07, 125/07, 79/09, 89/09, 133/09, 78/12, 56/13 and all subsequent amendments), and if the customer refuses to take package with the products which is not approved the right to a refund.

5. I have the order number and / or confirmation of payment

If you purchased product via the internet store, or product you are received as a gift, and you do not know the order number or you do not have confirmation of payment, please contact us via our contacts. In this case, we can not guarantee you 100% realization of rights to a refund, but we will try to solve the problem with agreement on a mutual satisfaction.

6. How long I have to wait on the realization of the right to a refund

The usual time for getting confirmation of the right to a refund, is up to 3 working days from receipt of products. Time for payment to a bank account, and upon approval of the refund is one bank cycle, or 24 to 48 hours.

7. Replacement product based on an error in buying

Please, when shopping via the internet shop, pay special attention to the size chart. We do not cover shipping costs that are caused by buying the wrong product size, color, volume and similar values. Customer pays cost of return packages and packages with a replacement product or a refund is reduced by costs that we had when sending packages

8. Return of products on sale or discounted

For products that are on sale or sale are not eligible for replacement or refund if you purchased the wrong size, color, volume, or similar. For products that clearly indicate that they have already used product or have a lower price because of damage or manufacturing defect: the buyer has no right to replace the product or money back.

9. Warranty and repairs

We guarantee repairs exclusively for own products. For the products of other manufacturers, we can offer you a replacement product or refund. Guarantee and the right to repair, can not be achieved for product damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, for any damage or weakening of material produced during long period of use, natural weakening of colors, all depending on the type of product.
We are not responsible for damage to the product caused by improper and negligent delivery, but in this case, we represent the customer, and the cost we will charged from the company for delivery.

Products for which the customer wants to realize the right to a refund must be returned clean and tidy. If products are not returned in good condition, and the buyer has a right to a refund, to the customer benefits will be reduced by the cost of cleaning

For all legal disputes that may arise regarding the right to refund, is in charge of competent court in Zagreb.

For Americanshop: Tactical shop Management, 10 August 2016

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