Dog Tag Chain 13cm Silver
Dog Tag Chain 13cm Silver
Dog Tag Chain 13cm Silver
Dog Tag Chain 13cm Silver

Dog Tag Chain 13cm Silver


Small chain designed for Dog Tag military plates made of galvanized metal and is resistant to corrosion, does not let the color and leaves no trace on the fabric, or the body skin. It consists of a set of metal balls volume of 2.5 mm, connected to a chain length of 13 centimeters. At the end of the necklace is a metal converter, which you can easily connect the chain.

The military use
Dog Tag is the informal name for the identification tags for the armed forces. Dog Tag plates get their name because of their resemblance to the dog tags for marking. Tiles are used primarily to make it easier to identify the dead or wounded. With the name and rank on them were the other specific data such as religion or medical information, blood type or stronger allergens.

The civilian use
Teenage population has contributed to the promotion Dog Tag plates through military or urban streetwear look. Original use for civilian purposes began on young populations through urban-military fashion, and in recent years the use of expanding into other fashion directions, so we can find the use of Dog Tag plates as fashion accessories and high fashion.

On the tiles can be entered personal information, beliefs or hobbies, favorite quotes or other content that we want to emphasize affiliation or sympathy to an idea or a person. Some people use the plates to highlight your health problem such as diabetes, heart disease, severe allergies or something. Such tags can be very useful in case of an accident. Plates can also be used as a marker on the road suitcase. Parents made such personalized nameplates of the phone number, address or similar countermeasures in case the child gets lost.

United States military ID chunky necklace
Official set of consists of: a standard U.S. military chains of 2.5 mm, length 24-inch (about 61 cm) and larger 4-inch (about 10 cm) lower chain. Necklace and tiles must be worn together.
Sometimes the chains cut to the correct length, or the exact number of balls that helped captured soldiers count the days. Large chain so had exactly 365 balls, a small 52 The soldier was so bent each subsequent bond every day and remove one from the small chains each week. Upon completion of the cycle was completed years ago.


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