Tear Gas Self-Defense Pfeffer-Ko Fog 40ml

Tear Gas Self-Defense Pfeffer-Ko Fog 40ml



Pfeffer KO FOG is the most effective spray for self-defense on the basis of pepper . Contains very strong natural concentrate OC . Disable every single , and very evil animal or aggressive person . It is ideal defense while walking or running in the park or hiking in the wilderness .
Pfeffer KO FOG is not only effective in animal attack , great for situations when you attack more violent person . In Switzerland , Austria, Belgium , the United States and other countries , this spray has been approved as a means of self-defense . Pfeffer spray used by the police. Regardless of permits or states , Pfeffer KO FOG is intended solely for Your personal safety .

  • Contains OC - oleoresin capsicum : natural concentrate -based hot pepper
  • Pfeffer KO FOG creates an active fog , cone shaped , reach 4 meters
  • For the safe use in hazardous situations with multiple attackers
  • Pfeffer KO FOG is fully degradable in nature and is not harmful to ozone
  • Do not leave the spray exposed to sunlight and UV rays
  • Safe for animals
  • Volume : 40ml
  • Dimensions : 89 x 35 mm


Self-defense sprays are designed so that there is no possibility of independent activation in a purse or pocket.
The nozzle works even if it is dirty.
The range of sprays is up to 4 meters. It is not advisable to use the spray for self-defense at distance of less than 1 meter.
The content of the spray is sufficient for at least 4 using by 1 second.
The proper use incapacitate the attacker for 30 to 60 minutes

  • Tell the person to be quiet, normal breathing and to relax.
  • As soon as possible, a person exposed to tear gas to take uncontaminated area and turn the face to the wind or fan.
  • Rinse off her face and eyes with running cold water. Do not let it rub eyes!
  • Do not use any creams, lotions or ointments.
  • For removing active components can be used soap, which does not contain an oil.
  • To prevent swelling of the affected areas, you can use a cold towel or ice.
  • Before washing, remove eye lens (if a person is wearing) and then wash them thoroughly.
  • All effects would have gone for about 45 minutes without decontamination, and with fresh air and water before.
  • Observe the person. If you notice symptoms such as chest pain, cold sweat, shallow breathing, and the like immediately seek professional medical help.
Please be sure to check before ordering, legal regulation of import and using personal defense spray for the country where you order delivery. Americanshop is not responsible for any legal consequences and costs that might arise from the different laws on the use of sprays, electrical devices and other tools for self-defense.

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