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Aquapac manufacture waterproof phone cases, waterproof camera cases, underwater iPod cases, drybags, waterproof backpacks and waterproof cases for MP3, GPS, VHF, Radio, laptop, notebooks and more.
Aquapac was founded back in 1983 here in London (UK), where we still have our head office. It all started with three young windsurfers wondering if they couldn’t find a way to listen to a Sony Walkman while on (and in) the water. What they came up with was certainly not the most elegant-looking product. But it worked! Jump forward almost 30 years and here we are with an ever-expanding range of products selling in more than 60 countries. Along the way we’ve picked up three Queen’s Awards which is nice. And we’ve sold many millions of Aquapac 100% waterproof cases, bags and pouches. Which (at the risk of incurring Her Majesty’s Displeasure) is nicer still!Aquapac International Limited 7 Bessemer Park 250 Milkwood Road London SE24 0HG United Kingdom

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