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Commando model of the standard military sweaters was primarily differs in its cut. This model is a big step forward in the design of warm clothing for the army or outdoor activities.

The cut of Commando sweaters is narrower, longer and fitted, can comfortably and neatly wear under combat vest, tactical shirts and fleece jackets. Longer cut here has the primary purpose of storing heat during demanding activities, as the sweater would not have raised over waist height and exhibited the back in cold weather. The sleeves and body of sweaters are also narrow, the end of the sleeves is a cutout for the thumb. Under normal weather conditions, the end of the sleeves are folded, but in cold weather conditions, the sleeve is lowered to half of the palm, in order to help preserve heat. Above these sleeves or below, depending upon the need, you can without any problem wear gloves.

The composition of the material of 50% wool and 50% acrylic, at the same time guaranteeing the heat resistance and cut. Elbows and sleeves are reinforced with polished, durable twill. Semi-high collar with a brass zipper closely fits to the neck.

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399,00 kn tax incl.

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  • Model: Commando sweaters
  • Material: 50% Wool 50% Polyester / Acrylic
  • Narrow elongated cut
  • extended sleeves
  • extended back
  • Cut thumb
  • Reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows
  • crescent collar
  • Zipper length 25 cm

In order to fully benefit from all the advantages of this model, we recommend that you choose a model number less than your usual number you are ordering.

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